The town of Königslutter has approximately 16 200 inhabitants. About 9 000 of them live in the town centre.

Local parts

The following 17 villages are part of Königslutter since 1974:

  • Beienrode
  • Boimstorf
  • Bornum am Elm
  • Glentorf
  • Groß Steinum
  • Klein Steimke
  • Lauingen
  • Lelm
  • Ochsendorf
  • Rhode
  • Rieseberg
  • Rotenkamp
  • Rottorf
  • Scheppau
  • Schickelsheim
  • Sunstedt
  • Uhry
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Twin Town Königslutter

Our town

Königslutter is a small town on the northern side of the Elm, a range of hills about 20 km east of the town of Brunswick in the region of Helmstedt. Königslutter is one of the stops on the touristic route “Deutsche Fachwerkstrasse” which joins many towns with a lot of timbered buildings. It is also part of the scenic route called “Wege in die Romanik” joining towns with Romanesque buildings. In addition to Königslutter's picturesque location on the northern side of the Elm it has a lot of timbered buildings and – last not least – the Kaiserdom.

Kaiserdom behind Glockenkamp Pond


Town Hall and Town Church

Town Hall and Town Church

In the course of a virtual walk through the historic town with its narrow lanes the Cathedral and the Town Church of almost the same age will be described in more detail. Additionally we will see some of the picturesque houses from five centuries and the museums, as well as some lesser renowned but interesting little corners of our lovely little town. (If you have become interested you will find more in our photo gallery).

Friends of nature and culture will find many interesting sites in the vicinity. There are many villages with timbered buildings and historic churches, museums and exhibitions, forests and botanic specialities, a large city and places ideal for shopping sprees. Some of the places we have visited with our friends from Taunton are revived here in picture form.

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