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Vicinity of Königslutter and places of excursions

The following photos show the landscape around Königslutter and some of the places we have visited with our friends from Taunton.

Königslutter area Elm

Near the village of Uhry

Near the village of Uhry

Sight from the Dorm (hill) onto Groß Steinum

Groß Steinum

Trail in the Rieseberg Forest

Rieseberg Forest

Reitlingstal (valley) in the Elm

Reitlingstal (valley) in the Elm

Warberg and its castle

Warberg and its castle

Helmstedt German borderMarienburg

Juleum – the former university of Helmstedt


Night-watchman's tower and  pedestrian area


Megalithic tomb near Helmstedt – northern tomb of the  Lübbensteine

Megalithic tomb

Former inner German border near Hötensleben

Former inner German border

Marienburg castle near Hildesheim

Marienburg castle

Braunschweig Hornburg

Brunswick Lion and tower of the town hall

Brunswick Lion

The rebuilt castle – with the shopping centre “Schlossarkaden”


Magni quarter

Magni quarter

Hornburg – street with timbered houses


Hornburg – detail of a timbered house


Harz Quedlinburg

Brocken train – Station Drei Annen Hohne

Brocken train

Sight from the Harzburg castle

Near Bad Harzburg

“Devil's Wall” north of the Harz mountains near Quedlinburg

“Devil's Wall”

Quedlinburg – foundation church above the city


Quedlinburg – “Castle Hill”